Saturday, 3 December 2016

A Very Social Christmas

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So last year Zoella did a tag called A Very Youtube Christmas. It's kind of like a 'who's most likely to' with Youtubers as if they were all together for one giant Christmas. I thought it would pretty cool if all my friends (and family too obviously) got together for Christmas.

  • Who would bring the best dessert? I'm not sure I can really answer this question seeing as I do baking in college so a lot of my friends make great desserts and I'd probably offend someone to if I chose. 
  • Who would carve the turkey? I'm thinking my Dad, mainly because I don't trust any of my friends with a knife!!
  • Who would take the best pictures? My mum has been taking Christmas pictures for years now and that's really her sort of style so I'm gonna choose her.
  • Who would look the most glam? I mean all my friends are gorgeous but I've got to choose Caitlin because she has the most awesome fashion sense and is amazing at makeup.
  • Who would make the worst Christmas jokes? I think Kieran would do this without realizing. And then hate himself for it.
  • Who would fall asleep first? Ellie. Whenever we have sleepovers and stuff she's always the first asleep.
  • Who would be the last dancing? Emma Lowe. She's totally crazy and she dances all the time. I think also if she's had something to drink she'd be dancing all night and trying to get us to dance too!
  • Who would be in charge of dinner? I'm thinking me and Naomi C for this. Mainly because I've made dinners for 10 people many times and she's a great cook and would help to keep me sane!
  • Who would make the best snowman? I think Joel for this one, because although he thinks he's really uncreative, he really isn't. A few years back when we had loads of snow, he made an igloo (with the help of Jake) and it was really good, so I think he'd make a really impressive snowman.
  • Who would win all of the games? Definitely Emily C. She (and the rest of her family actually) is really competitive and would make sure she won.
  • Who's most likely to knock over the Christmas tree? Me, mainly because I fell over 3 times in the space of one week. I'm really clumsy.
I'd honestly love for this to actually happen. Please don't  be offended if I didn't mention you here, there just may not be a question here for you and I would want you there if this really happened.
I hope you enjoyed it and if there's any Christmas themed things you think I should write about please suggest!!

Friday, 25 November 2016

Great Things About Christmas

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As you all know, my favourite season is Christmas, and as it's half way through November and it's the 25th so it's only a month until Christmas, it is totally okay for me to write Christmas posts (especially as I was already doing so this time last year).
I have many things I love about Christmas, so here's a list of some of the best things about Christmas

  • The smell 👃. Winter has it's own smell. When you walk out of the door on a winter morning, it smells like cool crisp air and sometimes has a hint of wood smoke from someone fire. It's beautiful. Then there's the aromatic smells of Christmas baking. Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, all so festive and amazing.
  • The music 🎵. I am a complete sucker for Christmas music. I love it. I must confess, sometimes I start listening to it in October. Mainly though, I'll start listening to it at the beginning of November until New Year. It just has this nostalgic feel to it and I just love it.
  • The food 🍴. Christmas food just beats all other food. It's when the supermarkets go crazy on fancy foods and we all go along with it and eat as much as possible. As they say, Christmas calories don't count! Seriously though, the boxes of chocolates that get passed around, gingerbread everything, sausage wrapped in bacon (I mean,whoever invented that is genius but it is a little weird. Also, why do we only eat it at Christmas, they're delicious!), endless amounts of cake and birds stuffed with other birds. I'm not gonna lie, some of the foods we eat are a little weird to think about, but they taste amazing!
  • Family time 👪. I love my family. They're great. At Christmas they're even better because my mood is a lot better so I ignore most of their faults. Also we get to see our extended family and they're awesome too. Most of them are pretty crazy which almost exceeds our craziness which sounds impossible and I don't get it either but it's true.
  • The lights ✨. They're so twinkly and light up the dark nights. I love going shopping at Christmas time because the lights add a real enchantment to the whole thing and everyone seems so jolly (well, most people, some just get really stressed and I can kind of understand why)
  • The weather ☃☂☁. Winter weather beats all other weather in craziness. One minute it'll be slightly sunny, the next it'll be hailing like crazy. Yesterday when I got back to Liverpool the hail was insane, I've honestly never seen hail that big. It look mistakenly like snow on the ground. 
  • The opportunity to make things ✂. I think I make more things at Christmas than any other time of the year. I just love baking Christmas foods, making cards and presents and just getting my craft on. I mean there's even a great excuse to use loads of glitter.  
What are some of your favourite things about Christmas? Can you beat my totally crazy Christmas addiction? 

Sunday, 20 November 2016

November Update 2016

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Guys next month will be my last update of 2016! That feels a bit weird. If you've enjoyed reading these and think I should carry on writing them next year please let me know. I mean, I might anyway because otherwise I'm terrible at writing on here!! 

  November started with our lovely home-school friend's birthday, so me and Phoebe traveled over on    the train to spend a few days with her.

It also just so happened to be bonfire night so we played with sparklers and toasted marshmallows on their fire.

Oh, and made beautiful hats.

So most of November has been at college and, well, in our college group chat. We have some beautiful faces and like to share them with each other throughout the days at college, so I thought I'd make them all love me by posting some pictures right here on my blog for you all to see. 

(Note the delicious bread we made at the bottom of this picture)

Last week we went on a trip, and the coach journey was amazing. I mean, who doesn't love a good coach journey!? 

(I have no idea what is going on in this picture or why she took it.)

We made shortbread snowmen and most of their heads fell off.

This is a picture of him after he bumped his head. If you look closely there's a line on it.

Okay, enough of them! On Monday, I spent the evening relaxing and lit a few candles in our room. It felt (and smelt) really cozy.

I really want a kitten. A really fluffy, snuggly kitten. Mum wants a cat to eat the mice. I was super happy when she liked the idea of having a cat, but she doesn't want a fluffy snuggly kitten so I'm trying to convince her.

On Friday when I came home it was hailing like crazy and the hail stones were so big! I've never witnessed it like that. On the ground it actually looked and sounded like snow. In the picture the hail is on the left hand side gathering on the box.

So, it's Christmas next month. Obviously I'm super excited. Obviously I'm already listening to Christmas music. Obviously I've got all my college friends listening to Christmas music too. Basically I'm not gonna shut up about Christmas from now until January.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

My New Normal

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As you should all be aware, (if not then you must be new, so welcome) I have recently started college and moved to Liverpool so things are pretty different around here now. Im going to try and attempt to write a little bit about how my life looks like now.
So on a Monday I don't really do a lot, it's kind of my chill out day, but I also start to make sure I've got everything I need for college in that week. Monday's still aren't very exciting.
Tuesday's is my get ready for college day, so I make sure my clothes are washed and I have everything I need. Obviously this doesn't take that long so I find other things to do as well like maybe take a walk in the park or make something.
Wednesday is the day I have to get up at 6 o'clock to get ready and then catch a bus with Phoebe, catch a train and then get the college bus to college. It sounds like a lot and it kind of is when it's that early but I've kind of gotten used to it now and I quite like watching the sunrise (although it is freezing this time of year!). Wednesday is cake decorating day at college, so we have at the most 4 hours of that, and then lunch until 1 when some people have to off to English or maths. I don't have my lesson then though so I have to wait around even longer for my English. After English I could walk back to my friends house (Remember The Meme Queen I talked about!?) But I usually wait with my friends who have to catch buses. In the evening, me and TMQ go to Afterlife which is the youth thing that my Dad started in Nantwich but they've kept it going now that we've left and I get to still go!
Thursday is my day off. I get to stay at my friends house and watch a musical with her mum (she's an awesome lady, honestly) because I've been completely uneducated in the musical world and I don't really enjoy that, so she's showing me all these classic musicals! She also pays me to clean her house which is amazing because I love here for half the week for free! I then get to go ballet which is lovely because I thought I was going to have to stop when we were told we were moving.
Friday morning I walk to college and we start with a practical. Last week we made Mince pies and it was great, we sang Christmas songs and everything. Friday is basically the same as Wednesday so I have to wait around a while for English and then I get a bus to the train station, the train to Liverpool and usually a bus back. Then, starting a couple of weeks ago, we have band practice for church, so I'll go to that if I'm not to exhausted.
Saturday, I normally have a bit of a lay in but recently I've been quite good and have been getting up earlier and not staying in bed too long. Saturday is a bit like Monday and Tuesday really, not a lot to do.
Sunday is obviously church day. We walk to church now because it's easy walking distance so that's really nice because we get to sleep in a little longer. After church we kinda chill a bit and then go back to church for the evening service and our new youth group called Rooted which is a bit like the old Afterlife.
I think that's pretty much a rundown of my week at the moment.
It's strange because I thought of this idea for a blog post when I was just thinking about starting college because I realised things were going to change but at that point I didn't realise we were going to move and how much things were going to change.

Friday, 21 October 2016

October Update 2016

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So it feels like loads has happened in this month, but obviously not that much in pictures. I'll try and fit in as much as I remember, but a lot of it has just been college and good old phone chats.

So the world stooped so low this month. I mean menacing clowns? Really? I swear most of them are just stupid people trying to scare people now. It's ridiculous. 

I also got a little job cleaning my friends house when I'm there, so I purchased this shirt, that I am in love with!

Best breakfast in a while. I kind of over estimated my stomach size...

Still enjoying the park. Got super close to the local heron the other day.

Yesterday we went on a safari yesterday, but I'm gonna do a separate post for that because I took SO many pictures!

I also almost died falling down the stairs and woke up with this massive bruise on my arm. It hurts a lot!

Last week, my Dad was inducted into the church and loads of friends from our old church came, and it was a really nice evening. I had got a lift from college back to Liverpool for the evening, and then got a lift back to Nantwich that night because there was a prophetic worship workshop that weekend and my mum, Joel and I wanted to go. It was a great weekend and it made me really excited for this weekend which is the Gathering!! 

I think that's everything that's happened this month. I mean more probably has happened and I've just forgotten haha. I hope you've had a great month! Next month is November and I have a feeling there's going to be sprinkles of Christmas in there!! 

Monday, 26 September 2016

September 2016 Update

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I can't believe there are only 4 days left in September! It's been a crazy month of goodbyes and hellos. Right now I'm in Liverpool in our new room after doing more sorting out. I'll give you a run down of the month and go into further detail in a bit.

I've been doing more Disney drawings as that seems to be my destress technique.

We had our last Sunday at our church. It was so hard but a great day. Miss you guys!!

I had my first week of college and it was really good. I made a sugar paste lion and teddy, cheese and bacon turnovers and cheese and onion parcels. I've also got a little group of friends already, one of which is a Christian, and the other two we are hopeful for ;)

We had a leaving party to say goodbye to everyone, and although I didn't get many pictures I did take a selfie before hand because I felt I looked good, haha.

The week after our last Sunday we were actually still in Nantwich, so we went to the park and had communion as a family. It was really nice and a good way to say goodbye to the area.

Then on that Tuesday, Mum sent me down to the park again with Chip because the packers were at home and he was really bored. It was okay though because I got some Autumny pics!

This wigwam we made with my friends almost the year we moved in, and its been there the whole time!!

I wasn't actually there when everything moved, because I had to stay in Nantwich for college but I got TP to send me some pictures and this is what it was like. I kind of want to cry right now just looking at it.

And here we are in our new home. This is me enjoying the Autumn after our first service at the church on Sunday. It's a lovely church full of lovely people (some of which are a bit crazy, but who isn't!?) and I can't wait to see what God's got in store for them. 
It's been a bit weird for me though, especially to start with because I wasn't actually moving with them, I didn't really get the full feel. It's better now, but I feel like it'll get worse when I go back to college on Wednesday and have to repeat (almost) the same thing again.
It's been a crazy month and it's still sinking in that it's almost through. Soon we'll have trick or treaters at our door (for the first time!) and then we'll have to get the Christmas decorations out (or we might just not put them away, haha) and decorate for Christmas. Everything is changing and it's still settling in my mind, but we'll be okay because we rest in the arms of the saviour. 
Thank you all for reading and praying. If you could continue to pray, the stress levels are pretty high here, and both parents are exhausted, so they'd be appreciated.


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