Friday, 31 March 2017

The Tattoo Part 2

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(You can find the first part here.)

After another week of wandering around I’d officially exhausted all the food and drink places in a 60-mile radius. My hopes were slowly fading and I was exhausted. Work was getting more demanding and I was desperate to find this soulmate. I couldn’t help thinking that maybe he was looking for me too and that’s why I couldn’t find him. I’d also considered going around all the places that hadn’t exactly said the words written on my arm, or the ones that have different staff rotations. I was going insane. I’d decided it was time to call in some help.
Situated on my living room floor with pizza and drinks, I unloaded my dilemma to my best friend Jemma. Jemma was my hero, always on call to my every need.
‘Maybe you just need to wait, I mean you’ve basically got the worst sentence in the world tattooed on your arm.’ She said, stuffing pizza into her mouth. She was a beauty even with greasy cheese down her face.
‘Yeah, and you got the best. You had it so easy, falling in love with your best friend and all. I can’t just sit around waiting, I have to do something!’
‘Mmm’ Now she had her thinking face on. She was way cleverer than me and liked to shove it in my face by pulling this face and kind of blanking out for a while. ‘Okay, this may be crazy but hear me out. What if you go on a bit of a trip? Take some time off work, travel around the country trying food and coffee from around Britain. You’ve always wanted to travel and this could be your perfect opportunity!’ The grin on her face could charm Scrooge.
‘Okay, great idea, but the amount of money it would cost, and the number of little towns and villages with food shops and cafes in this country is unreal. It would take forever!’
‘But think of this, if you find them in the first place you go then you don’t have to go to any others. Or you could take them with you.’
‘And what if I go around the whole country looking for them and I don’t find them anywhere?’
‘Then you’re a hopeless case and you need to mope in your bed until he finds you.’ I flop onto the sofa behind me with a huge sigh, Jemma sticks the T.V on and we don’t talk about it for the rest of the evening.
I went to bed that night with her idea whizzing around my head. I was trying to figure out a way it could work. Surely it was time for me to take a holiday anyway? I could take a couple of weeks off work, borrow Mum’s campervan and drive around tasting Britain’s best food and drink whilst simultaneously hoping to run into my soulmate. It was crazy but it could be fun. I went to sleep that night dreaming of delicious coffee and a gorgeous man.

The following Friday I drove away from Mum’s with high hopes and music blasting out of the speakers. She was stood next to my car waving me off with tears in her eyes. She’s always so sentimental.
The first town I hit was a cute little place full of rustic coffee shops and bookshops. The sun was shining and it felt like I was in a cheesy romance novel. The coffee places varied from a hipster hubbub to a mum’s and toddler hangout. The coffee itself also ranged from the best coffee I’ve ever tasted to making me want to spit it into the nearest bin. Even after spending more money than I’d hoped and being completely full of liquid all the time, I still had no hope on the guy front.
‘Just enjoy your time away honey, this is your first holiday since you started the job and you deserve it. Find out some stuff about each place you visit and take tours of them. Find something more fun than just drinking coffee all the time.’ I’d decided to call Jemma on my way to the next town after feeling a wave of loneliness came over me.
‘Yeah, I guess that could be a lot better than just moping around’ I sighed.
‘You bet. Also, make sure you’re drinking decaf. You’re gonna end up being a coffee addict.’
‘I’ll even have a drink of tea every now and again, would that make you happy?’ I giggled. Jemma could be a proper health freak sometimes.
‘Ah! Fantastic!’ I imagined her throwing her arms in the air with this, ‘Anyway, gotta go hon, the husband has time off so we’re spending the evening together. Enjoy your travels!’
I spent the next 2 weeks, travelling around small towns and big cities, relaxing, reading any romance novel I could get my hands on and hoping that I wouldn’t end up driving in a snow storm. Although I was still trying to find my guy I had decided that Jemma was right and I needed to just relax and find fun in the places I was travelling. I’d been gathering things from all the towns I was driving through and was actually enjoying myself. I was sitting in a hidden restaurant looking out at the hills around me when I got a call from Jemma.
‘Alice, oh my goodness, where are you? Why haven’t you been picking up?’ She yelled down the phone. She was so agitated it worried me.
‘Jemma, I’m sorry, I’m in the hills, there’s literally no reception here. What’s up?’
‘Alice, it’s your mum. She’s in hospital.’ She said so quietly I could hardly hear her. ‘She had a heart attack while she was holding a bake sale and was rushed to hospital. You need to get down here now.’ The light snow falling outside seemed to slow and I hardly noticed the waiter give me the bill. The world seemed to move in slow motion as I got into the van and drove towards home

March 2017 Update

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I'm not going to lie to you, this has probably been the most uneventful month in a while. I've had almost 4 weeks of college because its been work experience time and I didn't have to do it because there was no point as I'm only doing part time so I won't complete the course anyway (it's really complicated and annoying). There have been a few great things though, like the beginning of spring, which means blossoms and daffodils. I also had my first ever exam which was technically only a mock but I stressed loads anyway. I got new glasses and had a college interview for college here in Liverpool. I will continue to do a baking course but will have to start from scratch. 
Most of the time though, Phoebe and I spent our first month of Spring watching Gilmore Girls as I had 6 weeks off and it was the perfect opportunity to get a months trial of Netflix and binge watch all 7 seasons. We just finished the last episode today and started watching the Year in the Life. It's weird seeing them all so old and something feels slightly weird. It's one month of my life that I'll never get back but I don't regret it.

In other news, I made friends with a squirrel. It turns out, if you hand feed a squirrel they will become very territorial and chase off all other squirrels. I named him Gerald and I know him by the broken bit in his tail.

My Grandad had his birthday this month so the family got together to have a meal with him. It was great fun to spend time with them all again and I think we sort of ran out of banter which is actually scary.

I'll leave you with this beautiful picture of the Spring sky. I hope you've had a great month x

Monday, 6 March 2017

February 2017 Update

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February was a packed month, but a great one. From birthdays to cats, there has been so much going on and I have many photos to prove it!!!

In cake dec we had an assessment where we had to make a Valentines cake. This was mine.

If any of you are from Cheshire, you may be aware of the AMAZING ice cream made by Snugbury's. Every year they have a giant hay sculpture near their shop. Their most recent one, Peter Rabbit, was burnt down but I believe they are rebuilding it now.

I had my birthday!! It was on a Friday so my second family (The people I stay with when I'm at college) decorated my room with balloons (some of which are still there) and streamers. They were really sweet and came into my room singing Happy Birthday.

When I got home that evening I found out that my family had also decorated (this is a rarity for them but as I wasn't at home on my birthday they wanted to do something nice). 

My second family got me 3 musicals - My Fair Lady, Singing in the Rain and GiGi. My family got me a Polaroid camera with accessories. 

During the half term and weekend before we had some friends and family over. It was so much fun and we made many more memories.

So, this was a great day and I want to prepare you for the adorable pictures that are to come. My friend invited me to go to Manchester with her to go to the Cat Cafe. 






We made a cool friend in the Cat Cafe and he showed us around Manchester as we had no idea where we were going but he went to Uni there so he did. We went into China Town and got AMAZING food. Honestly it was so good.

Then my friend made me try Boba tea, which was actually pretty good, but very cold. My hand felt like it was gonna fall off. It was a great day.

I've been catching up on my 30 day drawing challenge so I only have a few left now.

Last week it was Phoebe's birthday and she got some Henna so she did this on my ankle. We went for a walk around some gardens but the weather was horrible and it started raining, and then sleeting. All in all it ended up being a pretty memorable trip!!

That's all for February. It was a pretty good one I'm not gonna lie. I hope you've had a lovely month and I'll write soon xx

Saturday, 11 February 2017

The Tattoo Part 1

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It was a stupid idea but I had to do it. I’d woken up last week with the words ‘What can I get you’ tattooed on my arm. It was the one thing that I did not want, someone who worked in a shop or something. I couldn’t stand the fact that I was going to have to go about my daily life waiting until that tattoo disappeared because there was no way I was going to find him otherwise. Or so I thought. I’d devised a plan. It was a little desperate but I am an impatient person and I couldn’t wait forever. I was going to make my way around town, going to every coffee shop, cafĂ© and restaurant looking for my soulmate. Who knows, maybe I’ll learn something along the way.
I set off that morning with high hopes. I’d put my favourite outfit on, a blue skater dress, black pumps and slouchy cardigan. I’d even put effort into my hair and makeup, which is impressive seeing how impatient I am. The air was cold as I walked, but I felt warm with anticipation. I guess if I’d known what was going to happen I wouldn’t have.
By the time I stepped into the little coffee shop my toes were numb. As I entered a draft of warm, coffee clogged air swallowed me. It was so snug I could’ve spent all day in there. The walls were lined with old black and white photos of men winning races, violin concerts and children playing in the street.
‘Good morning. What can I get you?’ The words woke me up to my mission and I glanced quickly at my arm. It was still there. Shaking myself, I answered him.
‘Whatever’s best’. I had decided that I wasn’t going to let the first time knock me down so after drinking my delicious hot chocolate I set off for the deli down the road for an early lunch. This was going to be an expensive adventure.
It was a Friday evening and after a week of walking around, tasting coffee, sandwiches, ice cream and 3 course meals and not losing the tattoo I was beginning to feel really defeated. I so desperately wanted to find this man so that we could get on becoming friends and living the rest of our lives together. I had this fantasy of how we’d meet. I’d been developing it for 5 years. We’d meet in a coffee shop, or bump into each other in the street and with our first words to each other we’d watch our tattoos disappear together. Then he’d ask me out on a date and we’d spend days and nights getting to know each other, both with the intention of eventually marrying the other. We’d have a magical rustic wedding with both of our families and friends. Then we’d live in a little suburban area and bring up our 4 kids together before retiring in a little country home. I imagined what he’d look like too. Luscious, brown, curly hair, eyes as clear as the sky and a heart as warm as freshly baked bread.
After distracting my thoughts with my favourite Netflix show I decided it was time I got myself off my butt and pack for my mum’s. Most 18 year olds don’t live so far away from their parents but being so impatient I wanted to get off and start my life as soon as I was an adult. Mum wasn’t too pleased but she didn’t have much choice. Besides, I still went over to visit her whenever possible. I loved it too. I always blasted out my music in the car and sang along out of tune, stop at some services to get donuts for us both and when I got there we would spend hours chatting about anything that came to our minds.
My journey that time was the same as all others but when I arrived there was something off. I couldn’t tell what it was and as she didn’t seem to notice it I just left it. We spent all of Saturday talking and most of Sunday without her even mentioning anything that seemed a bit strange. I knew my mum well, I would’ve been able to tell if she’d touched on something that made her feel uncomfortable. My mum was quite an open book, you could see everything she was thinking and feeling right there on her face. She was a lovely lady though. When I was younger she used to hold bake sales at our house and the whole community would turn up to buy some of her delicious homemade bakes. You could smell them the whole way down the street. When we’d finished the bake sale we’d go to the supermarket and get anything we could to put into gift packs. Then we’d walk around the town giving them out to anybody who needed them, from homeless people to those who were bed ridden. My mother had great respect in our community which made me wonder even more what had happened to make her so unsettled.  By the end of Sunday I’d almost given up trying to work it out until she said something that helped me understand.
‘Has your father tried to contact you recently Alice?’ she asked, shuffling in her seat.
‘No, why?’ I was so glad she had finally opened up but I was slightly concerned as to why my father was involved.
‘No reason, just remember to be wary of him. He’s not a good man.’ She seemed to be talking to herself more than me. I tried to pry more out of her, knowing there was more to what she was saying, but she swiftly changed the subject.

I left a couple of hours later, still wondering why she had brought him up and thinking of how I could approach the subject another time. I knew my way around her. Me and her had spent so much time together when I was young. She was my role model and best friend. On weekends we’d walk around odd little villages or climb hills and eat picnics looking down upon the world pretending we were on some pilgrimage or something. When school rolled around we’d spend the mornings dancing around to our favourite songs whilst getting ready, resulting in becoming rather late some days. My father hadn’t ever really popped up in my life until I was around 12. My mum had always avoided talking about him and the few times I’d asked questions about him she’d only given brief replies. On my 12th birthday Mum received a phone call. We’d just been dancing around and when she picked the phone up she was quite out of breath and her face was red but as she answered it all the colour drained from her. She glanced at me and then walked out of the room into the office, closing the door behind her. I sat on the stairs listening to her slightly raised voice, knowing I should have gone to my room so that I couldn’t hear. I knew she was talking to him by the tone in her voice, it was the same one she used whenever she mentioned him. I had never really known what had gone on between them until that day when my mum came out of the office crying. She sat next to me and I held her whilst she told me everything that had gone wrong.

Monday, 30 January 2017

January 2017 Update

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The first month of 2017 is over and we are full steam ahead into the year. It actually doesn't feel like only 30 days since this year started, it's weird. This month seems to have gone on forever.
We started the year with an 'open house' and had some neighbours and people from church over. It was really lovely but they all left before midnight so we welcomed 2017 just as a family with Jake's girlfriend.

After getting me some wages from cleaning and Christmas money, I decided to hit the January sales and get me some new jeans. I absolutely loved these but I didn't actually get them in the end. One day I'll get some similar.

There's been many days at college as usual, and one of my friends was making 'artsy' photos, which I edited for her.

I've spent many hours waiting in the freezing cold at the train station. In the winter evenings it looks pretty creepy.
Of course, a whole series of Sherlock had been and gone before we knew it, further tormenting all fans for 3 weeks until the last episode which seemed like the very last (*Sobs to self in a corner*). Some people didn't think it was as good as previous series but I just loved it because it was Sherlock.

I had a bit of a sort through some of my stuff and found these things that I did when I was around 7-8. They're so cringey.

I went for a walk in the park the other day and found two very odd things- a duvet and a giant dead bird being eaten by a crow. Not nice.

I've spent many hours with TMQ (The Meme Queen). She recently got a new phone that she's been wanting for ages. The Snapchats are amazing.

Also, my dad put my plastic box that I use in college on top of the toaster after he used it and it melted. It's funny but annoying.

On Saturday we went back to Nantwich for a youth event. They had a guest speaker called Ian Mccormack who had been stung by 5 box jellyfish, died went to heaven and hell, and came back to life again. You can read about it more on his website. It was a great night and his story was so inspirational. It was amazing how he connected what he said about what he saw of heaven and hell with what the bible says about both of them. 
Today we went out into Liverpool to go to the Maritime museum. We only went to the Titanic section this time but we'll probably go to the other parts in the future. 
I hope you're month has been great and you're looking forward to next month (which features my 16th birthday guys!) 


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