Thursday, 1 June 2017

May 2017 Update

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May started off with Jake' 20th birthday, so we went crazy golfing which was great fun with many banters.

That Sunday we also went for a walk in the glorious sunshine to see Dream, a sculpture in St Helens which looks really stretched but is very cool.

There were these random bits of poetry around the paths too.

I made a carrot cake from CupcakeJemma on Youtube. It was honestly so delicious and I would recommend trying her recipe. 

Our old pastor in Nantwich and her husband had a wedding anniversary party so we all took a trip back down to Nantwich for the weekend. It was a lovely time to catch up with people and see where the church is now.

Summer is here and nature is showing us her beautiful sunny side.

This past weekend we went down to Huddersfield for the annual home-ed summer party that our friends hold. It was quite quiet this year but great fun anyway. We spent our time baking, face painting, crafting and spending time on their farm.

I've had a great May and I hope you can say the same. Our country has gone into panic mode after recent events but I am confident in knowing that my God holds control of the world and he will never give us anything that we cannot bear. 
I hope you all have a lovely June and I shall write soon.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

The Tattoo Part 4

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(You can read part 3 here)

Part 4
I was staring up at the face of the person that was made for me. I couldn’t think straight. What did this mean? I was jogged from my daydream by the man next to me giving an obvious cough. I grabbed some food and sat down. I had hardly eaten in days yet just then I couldn’t eat a bite. It was like my whole life had just been flipped on it’s head. This was the guy I’d been searching for, yet I was not expecting to find him here, where my mother lay ill! After a little while of rambling thoughts I saw a shadow pass over me and I looked up. There he was.
“You mind if I sit down?” He asked. His voice was husky and only a little perkier than it had been minutes before. I shook my head and he took the seat next to me. “I’m Will, and this is a little weird isn’t it?”
“Yeah, just a little. I’m Alice. My mum is a great wonderland fan.” It was so awkward and I desperately wanted to call Jemma. I decided I needed to fill the silence. “It’s so depressing in here. How do you stand it?” That seemed to break the spell.
“I only work here once a week as a volunteer, but I agree it’s not the most uplifting of jobs.”
“Nobody comes to a hospital for fun.” I sighed. That seemed to wake him up to something as he suddenly looked really sympathetic.
“Oh my goodness, I’m so stupid, I didn’t even ask why you’re here or if you were okay!” I almost felt like laughing because he looked so apologetic.  
“My mum had a heart attack yesterday, I’m here to see her. I guess you could say I’m not my best.” It was then that a picture of my face in the mirror this morning came to mind and I almost felt repulsed by the memory. I’m suprised he was even looking at me. He was seriously out of my league. He had these gorgeous curly locks that fell perfectly on his head and his eyes were so clear it felt like I could see the whole world through them. He looked as if he was going to hug me but decided not to.
“I’m so sorry, is she okay now?” I nodded and told him that it wasn’t to severe and that she’d be able to go home soon. It fell silent for a little while but he was the first one to start again. “Maybe I should go and see her after my shift. Which room is she in?” He was so sincere it made my heart melt a little.
“Maybe I should tell her about you first.” I tell him. One of his colleagues was calling him over so we exchanged numbers and I went back to Mum’s room.
I was feeling better than I had in weeks as I sauntered down the corridors. I was so excited to tell Mum and Jemma what had happened. Part of me had thought that some of Mum’s worry was stemming from my situation so I was sure that when I told her my news she would be on the quick road to recovery. I felt like nothing could touch me now, I’d met my soulmate who seemed to be everything I’d dreamed of and now I had nothing more worrying me. I was so naive.
Sometimes life gives you those days that you’ll never forget. This was one of those days, for the above reason obviously, but also for what happened when I walked in to my mum’s hospital room feeling on top of the world.
“You’ll never guess wha...” I was stopped in my tracks by a man standing in the door.  At first I wasn’t too suprised, Mum had loads of friends and it was about time that one of them showed up, but as he turned round I felt all the energy drain from me. There, stood in front of me, was my father.
I almost ran out of the room but he grabbed my arm. I shook him off violently and pushed past him to sit next to Mum. She looked so pale and there were tear stains on her cheeks. I gave my dad the dirtiest look and watched him shrink into himself.
“I know I shouldn’t be here,” He started “but I had to come and see her. I’m still in her emergency contacts.” I just sat staring at him. Why was he here? What did he have to say, couldn’t he see he was hurting her? He was just standing there awkwardly. Luckily a nurse walked in and I had a chance to break the silence.
“How is she doing?” I asked, keeping my eye on my dad. The nurse was looking at a report and by her face I could tell it wasn’t positive. She looked a little confused actually.
“Well, she was doing very well but there has been a sudden rise in blood pressure so we made need to keep an eye on her for a while longer.” She fiddled with a few more things and then left. My dad hadn’t moved at all except to let her in and out of the room. He looked so uncomfortable.
“You don’t have to be here you know, you can just leave.” I snarled at him. He nodded, turned round and almost ran out of the room. I sighed and looked at Mum who was scowling at me.
“What?” I was genuinely confused. I thought she hated the guy.
“That was the first time I’d seen him in 18 years and you just send him away!” She still sounded slightly weak and it broke my heart.
“If it takes a heart attack for him to see you then he isn’t a good man.” I saw her physically wince. She loved him so much.
“Listen. That man is still your father and I think you should talk to him. You’ve never even had a full conversation. Then you can judge his character.” I sighed and agreed. She was still staring at me.

“What? Now?” She gave me her first smile since being admitted and I set off to find my father.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

The Tattoo Part 3

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You can find the previous part here
Part 3
As soon as I walked through the hospital doors everything seemed to speed up. It was like all around me was chaos and as I was just stood in the midst of it. I was just about to faint when Jemma ran up to me and practically dragged me to my mum’s room. I stopped just outside it, staring at the door. I looked at Jemma.
“Was it really bad?” My voice came out in almost a whisper and the tears were brimming in my eyes.
“Maybe you should just see for yourself.” She held my arm, I took a deep breath and walked in.
Mum was lying on a bed with tubes sticking into her arms. She looked like she was asleep but as I approached she opened her eyes. I think she tried to smile at me but it ended up being a wince. I sat down next to her and held her arm.
“Hey Mum. What are you doing in here?” I was choking on my words and I could see that Mum was trying not to cry too. Jemma had snuck out of the room quietly.
“Sorry to spoil your trip, I know you’d needed that.” Mum said weakly. I told her that that didn’t matter now and that she didn’t answer my question. She just sighed and squeezed her eyes shut.
“Mamma come on,” I squeezed her hand “why won’t you tell me what’s going on?” She shook her head.
“Not now.” I dropped the subject and I told her about all the beautiful places I’d been. After a while a nurse came in to check on her and she went to sleep so I decided to go find Jemma.
As it happened, she was in the canteen and she’d just bought me some food.
“Oh my goodness you’re a saint!” I collapsed onto a seat and dug in. Jemma sat down opposite me and watched me eat for a while. I was expecting her to ask how Mum was but she just said nothing. After her 5 minutes of silence I looked up at her. There were tears rolling down her cheeks.
“I’m sorry,” She says, wiping the tears from her face “I just hate hospitals.” Now that she mentioned it, I didn’t think they were that great either. The whole place stank of antiseptic and depression. Nobody comes to a hospital for fun.
“Do you have any idea what happened Jem?” I was playing with the food on my plate. I suddenly didn’t feel very hungry.
“All I know is that she was at the bake sale doing really well and the next thing I knew she was complaining that her arm hurt and then collapsed right in front of me. I was terrified.” The tears were still running and she grabbed my hand across the table. “I’ve been here ever since”
I thanked her and tried to work out what had caused all this. To anyone who didn’t know her really well might think that she’d been perfectly fine recently but I knew that there had been something going on the past couple of months that had upset her. I felt like I wouldn’t sleep for days.
When I got up that morning after the predicted sleepless night of running through the past months in my head, I stared at my face in the mirror. I looked terrible. My raven black hair that I normally took so much care over was matted into huge knots. Under my eyes were massive purple bags and I had a brand-new stress zit forming on my chin. Even after attempting to cover these things up I still looked pretty bad. I guess you can’t disguise the fact that your mother had a heart attack.
Mum was looking a little perkier that morning but she still wasn’t letting onto anything. I had bought her a new baking magazine and she was going through all the recipes, humming and ahing at them. I was just watching her and the nurses walk in and out. Apart from depressing, hospitals were also incredibly boring. I really wanted to have a chat with Mum like we always did but she just seemed distant. I decided to play our favourite song, ‘Where you lead’ by Carole King and I could see a smile creeping onto her face as she hummed along.
“I think you’ll have a Luke one day.” She sighed. Gilmore Girls was our favourite show and obviously Luke and Lorelei were our favourite couple. Mum had joked about marrying a café owner when I’d first discovered what my tattoo was, and I’m not going to lie I had fantasised a little too.
By the time lunch had arrived for Mum we’d almost exhausted all the approachable subjects so she let me go and get my lunch. Hospital restaurants are so much worse when you’re alone. It’s so much easier to notice the cloud hanging over everyone’s head. As I queued up for food I felt a weight pushing down on my shoulders.
“What can I get you?” A voice almost as depressing as the atmosphere spoke into my thoughts.

“Sorry?” I heard a sharp beeping noise coming from my wrist and as I looked down I watched my tattoo disappear. 

Monday, 8 May 2017

April 2017 Update

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So the days are getting longer and the weather is heating up, we are finally making our way into the summer! April was a pretty good month full of  beautiful walks and meeting friends. 

This park was the prettiest thing, there were so many little nooks that made it look like a fairy land.

I love living so close to the beach now, it's definitely one of my favourite places. 

I finally finished my 30 Day Drawing Challenge. It took so long and was challenging but I enjoyed it.

My "twin" came over for the day and I showed her around the library (which she loved by the way), and took a walk around the park. It was so good to see her again and I hope it wont be too long until next time!

So I wish I could explain the above pictures, but unfortunately I have none. I'm very lucky with my family in the fact that we are all very close, so evenings can end up being very strange. I feel sorry for any outsider that may try and interpret what's going on 😂.
So that is pretty much it for April. I'm aware that my blog has been pretty inactive lately but I'm kind of running low on inspiration at the moment, but if you look at the history of my blog you will see this happens fairly regularly! 
Have a lovely May and I will (hopefully!) write soon! xx

Friday, 31 March 2017

The Tattoo Part 2

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(You can find the first part here.)

After another week of wandering around I’d officially exhausted all the food and drink places in a 60-mile radius. My hopes were slowly fading and I was exhausted. Work was getting more demanding and I was desperate to find this soulmate. I couldn’t help thinking that maybe he was looking for me too and that’s why I couldn’t find him. I’d also considered going around all the places that hadn’t exactly said the words written on my arm, or the ones that have different staff rotations. I was going insane. I’d decided it was time to call in some help.
Situated on my living room floor with pizza and drinks, I unloaded my dilemma to my best friend Jemma. Jemma was my hero, always on call to my every need.
‘Maybe you just need to wait, I mean you’ve basically got the worst sentence in the world tattooed on your arm.’ She said, stuffing pizza into her mouth. She was a beauty even with greasy cheese down her face.
‘Yeah, and you got the best. You had it so easy, falling in love with your best friend and all. I can’t just sit around waiting, I have to do something!’
‘Mmm’ Now she had her thinking face on. She was way cleverer than me and liked to shove it in my face by pulling this face and kind of blanking out for a while. ‘Okay, this may be crazy but hear me out. What if you go on a bit of a trip? Take some time off work, travel around the country trying food and coffee from around Britain. You’ve always wanted to travel and this could be your perfect opportunity!’ The grin on her face could charm Scrooge.
‘Okay, great idea, but the amount of money it would cost, and the number of little towns and villages with food shops and cafes in this country is unreal. It would take forever!’
‘But think of this, if you find them in the first place you go then you don’t have to go to any others. Or you could take them with you.’
‘And what if I go around the whole country looking for them and I don’t find them anywhere?’
‘Then you’re a hopeless case and you need to mope in your bed until he finds you.’ I flop onto the sofa behind me with a huge sigh, Jemma sticks the T.V on and we don’t talk about it for the rest of the evening.
I went to bed that night with her idea whizzing around my head. I was trying to figure out a way it could work. Surely it was time for me to take a holiday anyway? I could take a couple of weeks off work, borrow Mum’s campervan and drive around tasting Britain’s best food and drink whilst simultaneously hoping to run into my soulmate. It was crazy but it could be fun. I went to sleep that night dreaming of delicious coffee and a gorgeous man.

The following Friday I drove away from Mum’s with high hopes and music blasting out of the speakers. She was stood next to my car waving me off with tears in her eyes. She’s always so sentimental.
The first town I hit was a cute little place full of rustic coffee shops and bookshops. The sun was shining and it felt like I was in a cheesy romance novel. The coffee places varied from a hipster hubbub to a mum’s and toddler hangout. The coffee itself also ranged from the best coffee I’ve ever tasted to making me want to spit it into the nearest bin. Even after spending more money than I’d hoped and being completely full of liquid all the time, I still had no hope on the guy front.
‘Just enjoy your time away honey, this is your first holiday since you started the job and you deserve it. Find out some stuff about each place you visit and take tours of them. Find something more fun than just drinking coffee all the time.’ I’d decided to call Jemma on my way to the next town after feeling a wave of loneliness came over me.
‘Yeah, I guess that could be a lot better than just moping around’ I sighed.
‘You bet. Also, make sure you’re drinking decaf. You’re gonna end up being a coffee addict.’
‘I’ll even have a drink of tea every now and again, would that make you happy?’ I giggled. Jemma could be a proper health freak sometimes.
‘Ah! Fantastic!’ I imagined her throwing her arms in the air with this, ‘Anyway, gotta go hon, the husband has time off so we’re spending the evening together. Enjoy your travels!’
I spent the next 2 weeks, travelling around small towns and big cities, relaxing, reading any romance novel I could get my hands on and hoping that I wouldn’t end up driving in a snow storm. Although I was still trying to find my guy I had decided that Jemma was right and I needed to just relax and find fun in the places I was travelling. I’d been gathering things from all the towns I was driving through and was actually enjoying myself. I was sitting in a hidden restaurant looking out at the hills around me when I got a call from Jemma.
‘Alice, oh my goodness, where are you? Why haven’t you been picking up?’ She yelled down the phone. She was so agitated it worried me.
‘Jemma, I’m sorry, I’m in the hills, there’s literally no reception here. What’s up?’
‘Alice, it’s your mum. She’s in hospital.’ She said so quietly I could hardly hear her. ‘She had a heart attack while she was holding a bake sale and was rushed to hospital. You need to get down here now.’ The light snow falling outside seemed to slow and I hardly noticed the waiter give me the bill. The world seemed to move in slow motion as I got into the van and drove towards home

March 2017 Update

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I'm not going to lie to you, this has probably been the most uneventful month in a while. I've had almost 4 weeks of college because its been work experience time and I didn't have to do it because there was no point as I'm only doing part time so I won't complete the course anyway (it's really complicated and annoying). There have been a few great things though, like the beginning of spring, which means blossoms and daffodils. I also had my first ever exam which was technically only a mock but I stressed loads anyway. I got new glasses and had a college interview for college here in Liverpool. I will continue to do a baking course but will have to start from scratch. 
Most of the time though, Phoebe and I spent our first month of Spring watching Gilmore Girls as I had 6 weeks off and it was the perfect opportunity to get a months trial of Netflix and binge watch all 7 seasons. We just finished the last episode today and started watching the Year in the Life. It's weird seeing them all so old and something feels slightly weird. It's one month of my life that I'll never get back but I don't regret it.

In other news, I made friends with a squirrel. It turns out, if you hand feed a squirrel they will become very territorial and chase off all other squirrels. I named him Gerald and I know him by the broken bit in his tail.

My Grandad had his birthday this month so the family got together to have a meal with him. It was great fun to spend time with them all again and I think we sort of ran out of banter which is actually scary.

I'll leave you with this beautiful picture of the Spring sky. I hope you've had a great month x


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